25th April 2018 All Comments

Women’s Weeds Project launched

We are delighted to have received a grant from the Kew Gardens Grow Wild fund to run the Women’s Weeds project throughout the spring and summer of 2018. The project celebrates women’s use of native plants for health and well-being and also some of the local women who have made a contribution. The project includes:

Creating a physic garden and wild garden areas at the Women’s Workshop site in Amble

Pop-up cafes and sessions using native plants and herbs

Trips and walks to find out more about the properties of local plants, and to gardens and wild sites in the area

Creative workshops including making willow structures, exploring the night sky, creative writing.

The project is being led by Carol Burnett, and supported by Anna Corbett

There are regular Tuesday early evening sessions for anyone who would like to get involved as well as special events and working days. Interested? Let us know by emailing or ring Carol on 07711 837492

Women's Weeds Apr-May flier