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5 Ways to Well-being – Connect

Connect     Be Active     Keep Learning     Take Notice     Give


The first step on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing vitural programme is all about connecting to those around you. Connecting is all about strengthening your relationships with others and helping you feel valued and close to friends and family. Having strong relationships to others is very important to helping you boost your wellbeing as having people you can call on can really keep you positive. Even though we are currently in lockdown and being encouraged to social distance, there are lots of ways you can still connect to people. This might be by a simple text, call or email to someone you know. This is the time to call a family member you haven’t spoken to in a little while, rekindle friendships that you’ve let fade away or get in touch with that old school friend and reminisce on your memories.


  • Here are two apps and websites that you can use to reconnect with people: House Party and Zoom. Both of these allow you to both phone or video call other people from around the world from a laptop, tablet or phone. You can also have group calls so you can catch up with a group of people at once. They’re quick, easy, and free to set up, though may have some aspects that are only available for a monthly fee.
  • Social media websites can be a love-hate thing, but in times like this they can provide invaluable ways to connect people with similar interests. On Facebook you’ll find a wealth of groups on a million different topics where you can share pictures of nature (like Hidden Northumlerand) or stories (like Tales from a Northumbrian Fireside.) There’s also groups dedicated to weird and wonderful, the fascinating or the factual. All you need to do it use the search button to look up an interest!
  • For those of you don’t want to be sociable for whatever reason but still with to hear about people’s lives, interests or read about what’s happening in the world, blogs exist for that exact reason! There are also blogging websites that you can follow. Here’s an article that talks about the best female blogs of 2020 so far.
  • The Wellbeing Network also has more information about how to Connect


If you would like more information about anything or have suggestions for information or links we could add to this then please get in contact and let us know!