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5 Ways to Well-being – Give

Connect     Be Active     Keep Learning     Take Notice     Give

Giving can be a wonderful way to make both yourself and other people feel better, happier and freer, especially in this stressful time. But giving isn’t just about giving your money or items to someone else; this can be about giving your time or help too. There’s plenty you can do from the comfort of your own home without risking your safety and going outside.

Volunteering your support during the Coronavirus outbreak

Register here as a volunteer with the county-wide scheme with local opportunities Northumberland Communities Together 

Volunteer for the NHS – If you’re not showing any symptoms of sickness and are not in the at-risk/vulnerable categories, you may want to volunteer your time and help the NHS. This can include delivering medication, picking up and dropping off patients, or making phone calls to check in on people who are self-isolating. Here’s a link to the NHS website with more details.

There are many local Mutual Aid groups setting up around Northumberland, many of which are being set up and organised on Facebook. This may be a time you wish to search for local groups in your area on Facebook and find out if there are any Mutual Aid groups you can join to help out those people closest to you. This may involve very simple things such as picking up medication for someone or picking up a few groceries if you’re on your way into Sainsbury’s! Alnwick town council has set up a Facebook page and group to help Mutual Aid during this time, and Berwick would like to set up something similar. Amble also has a number of groups to help support people who live in or local to the town. Here’s a group for helping those in isolation in Amble or the local area, and another called the Amble Community Hub.

If you are looking for some general advice for supporting people, the website had a range of resources and advice . For example, if you need help with supporting someone with a disability, here’s a link to the Supporting Disabled People page.

The Wellbeing Network also has more information about how to Give.

Contributions of Food and Toiletries

If you would like to and are able to give resources, there are many local food banks that would greatly appreciate any contributions. Here’s a link to the Alnwick website that is asking for stock as they are running short. Amble also has a food bank and a Facebook page that you can access here. Alternatively, if you would like to get in touch you can also email There are many other food banks out there so make sure to check out your local area!

Volunteering for Women’s Workshop

There are lots of opportunities to get involved and help out at the Women’s Workshop – and thanks to all those women who already have! If you’d like to register your interest to volunteer with us, here’s a WW Volunteer Registration Form for you to download fill in and retuen to 

If you would like more information about anything or have suggestions for information or links we could add to this then please get in contact and let us know!