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5 Ways to Well-being – Take Notice

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The Five Ways to Wellbeing is all about protecting your mental health and wellbeing, and the Take Notice step encourages you to really make sure you’re paying attention to your self-care. Self care is all about doing things that make you feel good, happy and safe, and can something as small as taking a bath or letting yourself have a little bit of chocolate! Here are some links to various websites and resources that tell you a little bit more about how to look after yourself in this current climate.


  • Five Ways to Wellbeing – To know more about the themes and steps we’re encouraging everyone to take, here’s a link to the Mind Charity for more information about the five steps.
  • The Wellbeing Network – has more information about how to Take Notice
  • Looking after yourself resources – the CCI has lots of resources about how to look after yourself, especially for those with mental health problems.
  • Covid-19 advice – Everyone is sick about hearing about the virus, but the first step to keeping yourself safe is to have as much information about the situation as possible. This link goes directly to the website’s advice about how to protect yourself regardless of your situation.
  • Guidance for mental health and wellbeing – The website also has some really useful information about how to navigate this stressful time if you’re worried about mental health and wellbeing.
  • NHS – The NHS has some good information about mindfulness, how it helps and what you can do to be more mindful. If ever there’s a chance to slow down and take care of yourself, now is the time!
  • Depression and weighted blankets – This is an interesting article about recognizing depression and some of the causes and treatments (such as using a weighted blanket).
  • The Great British Home Choir – If you love singing, there’s an online project you can join called The Great British Home Choir created by Gareth Malone, a choirmaster, composer and presenter. This project hopes to bring together amateur and professional singers and musicians from around the country to take part an online ‘choir’.


If you would like more information about anything or have suggestions for information or links we could add to this then please get in contact and let us know!