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Five Ways to Well-being Virtual Programme

The Women’s Workshop is going virtual!

During this period of social distancing and lockdown, we want you to know that we are still here to support you as much as we possibly can. Although we can’t run our normal programme of workshops or events, we are instead taking to social media to provide you with a full programme of interesting links, ideas, skills to learn and ways to keep active. Our plan is to post something on our Facebook page once a day, Monday to Friday, and each day will follow a different theme in the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. These 5 themes have shown real success in helping people stay positive, happy and well, which is something we really want to support you with.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and our website for the posts. We’ll also be sending out a weekly email with the information as we know not everyone uses Facebook.

We’re also adding regular links for each of the Five Ways to Wellbeing themes including lots of interesting tutorials, factual websites and good advice, so if you want something to keep you occupied or if you fancy learning something new, click through and see what you can find. We’ll be regularly updating these lists so keep coming back to see what’s new!


Be Active

Keep Learning

Take Notice



Mentoring Project

We hold the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation Approved Provider status because we offer high quality support to women facing challenges.MandB-APS_colour (002)

At the moment we can offer support for a limited number of sessions on a one to one basis, to women looking for support in moving forward or making changes.

You can request this support yourself, or ask other organisations that might be helping you on a time-limited basis to arrange to meet up, and see if we can be there for you when you need some extra time.

Tracie of Talking Matters, one of the projects that women to take part in the session, says:

“ The Women’s Workshop team offer various projects and support to the Alnwick, Blyth and Amble areas in a very relaxed and accessible way. If needed you can get a 1:1 session, this is especially good for people who want to join a group or reduce isolation but may  have had previous negative experiences. The team work on developing a positive relationship where people are free to come and go to the workshop as and when they need to or want to – no pressure. They also keep in touch by text which many people prefer if they don’t like answering or talking on the phone. Keep up the great work.”


We can offer group activities to bring women together to focus on particular issues such as mental health, skills and learning, financial independence, alternative career routes, risk of offending, child development, enterprise, or we can support women who share a background such as migrant women, single parents, disabled women, young women. Members of our support groups are encouraged to take a course in peer mentoring skills so they can keep the support going amongst themselves and extend it to others.

Groups for 2020:

Mindful Mondays

As soon as we are able we will be hosting a peer-led women’s mental health group every Monday at the Workshop, focussing on making the most of the environment and taking part in practical skills – gardening, self-build, crafts – in a therapeutic way which builds a sense of belonging. In the meantime we are getting the peer group set up virtually so that women can have a say in the programme. This group is funded by the National Lottery Awards for All scheme.

SpLinter Sisters

This group is for women who have extra challenges because of learning differences such as autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and who have found it hard to get involved in mainstream learning or groups. The group is meeting online on Monday evenings from 7-8pm and will be organising monthly social events and workshops once we are able.

If you are interested in either of these groups please email info@womensworkshop.net or ring 07775 817544 and Julia can share more details.

We are also in the process of planning to develop an LGBTQ+ peer group, which will focus initially on offering training to LGBTQ+ people who may be interested in supporting young people’s groups in the area.


We can offer projects to give women the opportunity to take part in creating something as part of a team, to volunteer or organise a work experience placement. Current projects include:


HERitage – an eco-tourism project for women involved in promoting their products and services to local and visiting women. If you would like a listing get in touch – info@her-itage.org.uk

We also hosted a HERitage drama project in 2020 leading up to International Women’s Day 2020.

IWD cake


Rural Women’s Voices

We are planning a new drama and video-making project ‘Rural Women’s Voices’ from June 2020. Women will get support for learning video-making skills and the result will be a series of personal statements and campaign clips that will help us improve rural women’s lives in a way that takes notice of what women want to change. This project is funded by Comic Relief.

Support for Young Women – we particularly want to help young women aged 18-25 gain employment or move into sustainable employment. Vicky Coonan can help with all aspects of the job application process, such as CV or application writing or interview help, as well as mentoring and additional support to help you build confidence and make positive steps towards a brighter future. You can email Vicky at youngwomen@womensworkshop.net

WW Cleaning logoWomen’s Workshop Collective – a social enterprise to involve women in providing cleaning, house-keeping and women-friendly care and repair services. We are building a group of interested women who are meeting on Wednesdays to create work experience opportunities, take part in a training programme, get support for self-employment and generate work that complements other cleaning, hospitality and care and repair agencies locally.

If you are interested in any of these offers get in touch  info@womensworkshop.net  or 07775 817544